Valuable Team Players Series: Brad Lea

This week’s podcast guest is Brad Lea. Brad is a father, an entrepreneur, and most importantly someone who wants to help you succeed. He is the CEO of LightSpeed VT, and has over 25 years in sales marketing and training. He has realized that one pivotal factor of success is teamwork. In this podcast, we discuss the attributes of a successful team including the following:

  • The most valuable attributes in building a team is loyalty and one common goal.
  • In order to have a successful team, you have to have a common goal, a common vision, and make sure everybody supports it and is in alignment with the goal and vision.
  • If your team catches the vision and is working towards a common purpose and a clear mission, you’re going to have a winning team!

Listen to the full podcast to learn how you can succeed with repetition, practice, and ongoing accountability.